The Guy I Never Noticed

Thursday, January 19, 2017

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It's been a while since I posted a blog entry. Honestly, I've been going through a tough times last 2016 and I dont feel like writing. So, I wasted my time browsing through Instagram and watching Korean dramas every night after work while I'm going through my own problems with anxiety and depression. Before I knew it, I hadn't write a thing this past few months.

Writing is one way to clean out something inside my mind. I write to say something, to express something or to enjoy writing. But, if i have something to say, I'd rather spend my writing time working on my diary app or draft from blogspot. I have at least 3 blog posts semi-drafted and I have no desire to finish them because I want to make a fresh start (and you know what I mean).

Now, I have this sudden inner urge to write something here that was written in my diary app. But before anything else, can I ask you something? 

Have you ever had a crush on someone? If yes, how many times and when was the last time?

Honestly, I haven't had a crush on anyone for a very long time, and I kinda miss those feelings. I remember when I had a huge crush on acolyte when I was still in highschool and lasted when I met my first love. If I see someone attractive, I just ignore them. Everybody knows that would be probably happen when you're in a serious relationship.

Moving forward, I joined a new workplace a few months ago and everything was almost perfect. I really loved my job and my companions. Everything is fine for a while but after 3 months, Istarted noticing this silent nice guy that I use to work with. I really don't know about him but his name.

It was that one event when he pushed himself out of his comfort zone. I was really amazed by his talent I never knew he had. He's not the chatty type. He's not the most confident. He's not even the "crush ng bayan". But he is well-liked by people. And, there's something in him that I'd like to know more when I first heard him singing live infront of our department mates.

And I was like..
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Yes! I suddenly find this guy attractive. I've known him for months and have never thought about him in that way. Seriously!

And, that's the first night we sit across each other where we enjoy food and drink together with our department mates. We started talking and I came to find out more about him that he lives on his own and not originally in Cebu.

So, I was like.. 

Eventhough I knew him for a short while that night. I came across this guy's profile on Facebook and stalked a bit when I got home. He's pretty famous and witty to me. My instinct told me to add him, but I dare myself to control. So, I've kept it to myself.

From that night onwards,
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I'd see him all the time and we always catch each other's eyes. I always look away first and control myself not to make him feel obvious, but something hit me that made me glance at him again. And, I caught him smiling LOL.

His gaze plus a smile makes my day.

2 weeks after, we had another event and time to celebrate again for all the admin and corporate staff. The more we get together like this, the more we get to know each other. One time, the guy asks our attention to smile and took for a group selfie. Then, I told him to add me on Facebook for the sake of photos. HAHAHA My God! I can't believe myself that I blurted this out! Fingers crossed, I kept control without making him feel obvious. Thankfully, he played along and continued the conversation.

Now, all my insane stalking did earn me a FRIEND REQUEST from him. And be like..
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Then, I found out everything more about him and he never fails to make me laugh so hard at his random "hugot" lines. He has enormous charm and a great sense of humour. This guy seems to be the only one who made me more attracted to him.

What attracts me most are his intelligence, pure innocence, and hard work. Plus, my heart melts even more when I found out he also plays piano. Screw him for making me feel this way again.  

I know it feels weird to say here but I told you. I'm writing this to let this out of my head.

PS: He still doesn't know this bit of confession story and I often wonder how he would react if he knew this. And I don't think he could because I'm the type of person to have a crush on someone but not do anything about it. And, you can't blame me if I'm so over or whatsoever in your head.


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  1. I'm glad you're moving forward, hopefully it'd be your Mr.right guy, coz u deserve it, you deserve to be happy. :)

  2. I'm glad you're moving forward, hopefully it'd be your Mr.right guy, coz u deserve it, you deserve to be happy. :)