Cliff Diving in Buho Rock, Camotes

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Perfect spot for beginner!

What to do when you see a high cliff? TRY jumping off a cliff!
It was the summer of 2015, our fourth stop where our tour guide brought us here at Buho Rock. A Php20 is collected as an entrance fee. We were simply enjoying the view on top and had our pictures together.

To tell you the truth, I have a fear of heights but being an adventurous person, I love to try out any extreme and adventure sports. Since, this is included in my bucket list, I keep telling myself, "I will never win something I want if I am afraid to try" (in short, no guts no glory!).

 "To jump or not?"

Do you want to check-off your bucket list like mine? Try and let your fears go. Buho Rock is a perfect spot for jumping off a cliff like me. And, I'll tell you why.

When you are on top, it seemed SO HIGH. But, when we saw a lot of tourist jumped over and over again.

It makes me wants to do something daring no matter how scared I am. It was the only matter of fact telling myself that I could do it. So, I got the courage to jump and dive off the cliff!

"Thanks God!"

Tada! I finally conquered my fear of heights!

It was an extreme experience!
Note: No Lifeguards on duty! So safety first before everything else.

Enjoy your trip and have fun to the fullest! :) 

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  1. what about blue reef? hahaha "ikot-ikot lng. ikot-ikot lng ka ato dba?" hahaha

  2. what about blue reef? hahaha "ikot-ikot lng. ikot-ikot lng ka ato dba?" hahaha

  3. Violeta Cinco Medina29 May 2016 at 10:57

    The facial expression is worth it jod paks!!! Hahahaha more facial expression pa paks ha? para asta akong baby inside my tummy gisid-ok apil og kinatawa ������

    1. Sure, post kog new entry puhon! Thank you paks! I'm glad I made you laugh. pero nasaag lang imong comment kay walay facial expression nako diri nga entry.