The Perfect Escape

Sunday, June 26, 2016

This confession story is a continuation of my latest entry - Thrill of Freedom. Again, in the late summer of that year, I was so innocent and happy without a care in this world as long as I enjoy the taste of freedom. It's nice to bring back the good memories in the past together. Now, I laugh when I remember myself back then.

My blonde best friend texted me to meet with her that day in school. She let me sit-in on her PolSci class for 4 hours but I was so busy with my cellphone the whole period and nothing beyond that. hahaha During that time, someone was actually asked me to hang out with him that day and I was like "Oh my God, I'm not prepared." I don't know if I want to hang out with him because I haven't seen him in literally 3-4 years (yeah, we're schoolmate since elementary years but I saw him around the campus when we were in high school already).  So, here! he asked me to meet with him together with his friends and I agree. And, I told my best friend about it.

After being with my best friend the whole afternoon, I texted him right away and asked how to get there. So, he instructed me for sure. After an hour, I finally got to see him again. We had a small talk together for a few hours even if starting the conversation is difficult or awkward. Anyway, he looks so different (he used to be a long neck with long hair middle-part hairstyles) hahaha. 


But, I will not go into too many details other than this.

Yes, the shoreline. It is more than a place to me. It reminds me of busy world and sleepless nights. But do you know what the best part is? That happened when I was there? It is where I sat down in the sand and continued the first meeting conversation with someone I met after a long time. Time passed, we lay down in the sand, stared at the sky and watch the stars as they twinkled till dawn while we had a casual conversation asking about everything we want to know more about together. Believe me or not! We saw over 13 "falling stars". Cheesy but this is the most memorable moment of my life.

Care to share yours? I know you're laughing on your own when you're thinking and remembering the past you had with your partner. But, nothing beats the feeling you get when you try to find time and escape away from home just to meet your happiness. Agree?

Right track of the road: Just be yourself even if starting the conversation is difficult or awkward. You can make them laugh that relates to them and made a quick connection. Swear! You'll get used to it afterwards.

Don't forget to confess and let it go. Don't worry! you can comment below as an ANONYMOUS

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  1. I love you and i miss you so much