A Man's Best Friend

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Is your dog your best friend?

Owning a dog and have him/her as my best friend is included in my bucket list. Luckily, my dog is truly my best friend. Nobody in this world, will love you more, will understand with your mood swings, and who is loyal to you and never ever leaves you alone better than your dog.

Here's the reason why I consider her as my best friend:

Clingy as Always
She's always there for me every time from room to room. Like, every step I take, she's always there at my side and never ever leaves me alone.

Best Greeter Ever
She knows when will I come home from work or somewhere else every single day.  My father knows too when I'm almost at home because she will go to the door and sit from her hiding place. She's really happy to see me every day when I come home, even if it's been 5 minutes since I saw her last. As soon as I'm inside the house, she becomes overly excited. She's always jumping up on my legs for attention then run around the living room and stop then follow me behind when I walk up to my room.

Born to make me happy
No! No! No!, I'm not talking about Britney Spears. But seriously, she's very happy and excited to see me home as much as I do from work or where ever I came from.

She loves taking naps with me
When I lay down on the couch she knows it's nap time. She cuddles right up next to me and later on sleep beside me. 

She's happy to go out with me
When I put my shoes on early morning, she's ready to go along with me. Believe me or not, I just let her off the leash specially in a safe areas.

She keeps me closer than distance
She is closer than a shadow, very consistent and loyal to me.

She's always there to comfort me
I can never feel lonely with my dog around. Yeah, she's always there to comfort me in sickness and in health. 

Always protects me
In danger. 

Familiar with my Daily Routine
And I don't have to tell her anything. 

Being with her all day and night is truly unbeatable :)

Many to mention but this is what I've got the best reason to consider her as my best friend. Care to share yours? Feel free to share and post it below. Of course, you may include your pictures together with your dog. :) 

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